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QuickSlip developer David Hasty is an avid angler fishing on the FLW Tour, Bassmaster Opens, and assorted other tournaments.  In short, he has put in his time on the water.  He knew there had to be a quicker, easier way to adjust the height of his trolling motor for the conditions at hand.  Thus, QuickSlip was born.  A patented cam-lever design that makes changes easily.  It wasn't long before the patented level was in use on Ram Mounts, Quick remove consoles, and other devices!

Bob's Machine

Bob's has been making performance boating and fishing accessories since 1978.  When we first talked with David about QuickSlip we knew it would be a fit where our two brands had the same vision of quality and innovation.  In late 2016, Bob's acquired QuickSlip from David so that we could grow production and market the product to get into the hands of more anglers.